- Color former for Thermal paper,  " SENOR-2"
     - Crosslinking Agent, Amino Resin, "MELCROSS"



      Engineering Design
- Solvent Recovery Plant        
- Distillation System for petrochemical 
- Heat Exchanger design
- Reaction System for Fine chemical  
- Specialty Chemical Plant  design




P&ID Co., Ltd. has the Research center that research & develop chemical technologies.
We develop, complement and renew the chemical items with an advanced process and introduce new business items to chemical companies.  Provide them with business reviewing process technologies to apply an economical technologies.


 P&ID Co., Ltd.  is also specialized to Engineering and Procurement
 for Chemical plant

  [ Representative Accomplishment ]

 Acryl Resin / Alkyd Resin plant

 Epoxy Resin plant

 Polyester Resin plant (Saturated / Unsaturated)

 Amino Resin plant (Methylated / Butylated / Mixed ether / Urea / Benzoguanamine)

 Hydrogen Peroxide plant

 TMP (Trimethylolpropane) plant

 Di-TMP (Ditrimethylolpropane) plant

 NPG(Neopentyl Glycol) plant

 Pentaerythritol plant

 Formaline plant

 Formic Acid plant

 Sodium Formate plant

 Phthalic Anhydride (PA) plant

 Cumene plant

 Phenol / Acetone plant

 BPA (Bisphenol A) plant